Active Lifestyle vs Anxiety

I can’t be the only one with anxiety issues. It’s pretty crazy how common it is; people just don’t tend to talk about it.

I have been finding it difficult to always live the life I want and be as active as I want because of my anxiety. I live in a beautiful area of downtown, right on the riverbank, but I find it hard to make myself get outside and walk, even though I want to so badly! I usually plan to make a loop and stop at one of the cafes on the way and pick up a vanilla coconut milk cappuccino. My favorite time of year is the spring and fall when the air is nice and cool. The past few days have been PERFECT weather for a good walk.

I’m naturally a night owl, especially now that I’m not working I’ve reverted to my natural rhythm of being awake until 3 a.m. I don’t hit my “peak” in productivity until like 8 p.m. and it’s already dark out by that point. It really is annoying… I love the being awake in the early mornings, I love the crisp air and the morning sun, but I cannot wake up early, and if I do, I cannot be productive enough to get suited up for a walk.

Do any of you have similar issues, or suggestions to help get me outside more?


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