Semi-productive Thursday? Oh who am I kidding!?

I really planned on having a productive day today… I woke up and was still tired, ya know that feeling of “fog”? Yeah that. I managed to make some amazing Panang curry in my crock pot though.


Mmmm. Not to too my own horn, but it was amaze-balls. I ate so much, it was all I could do to just lie on the couch after and grunt at Netflix.

I burnt the ever living crap out of my thumb last night while making hot chocolate and now I have a nice big welt… It’s finally stopped burning though, so I can focus on other things. For instance, that show “Are You The One” on MTV. Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge me!! I love it and I cannot get enough.


Now I am relaxing and playing some Star Wars: The Old Republic, and doing blog stuff. I have officially signed up for Bloglovin’ so check me out on there!

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