Three Fabulous Health and Fitness Apps You Probably Haven’t Tried

I will be honest, most of the time I download something with good intentions and I don’t end up using it. These are three apps that I actually have been using and really enjoying. I hope you enjoy them as well.

1. Fitocracy

I love this one to track my workouts and interact with other people. You can view a feed of everyone, just your groups, or just your friends, and leave comments and encouragement. The group feature is neat to be able to find others with similar goals or interests. I started a group called FitGeek; feel free to join me!


2. Hydro Coach

Not only does Hydro Coach remind me to drink water, it is wonderful for helping me keep track of how much I should be drinking, and how much I am drinking. I usually have a really hard time remembering to drink. All of a sudden three hours go by and I haven’t had a drop! It has been over seven days and I’ve hit my goal of 72 oz every single day! I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me. I believe this one is Android only, sorry iOS folks!


3. Yonder

Yonder is really a neat one. It sees your locations and shows you all sorts of neat outdoor activities, everything from walking/running to fishing to off roading. You can set filters of which things you wish to show up. Sometimes I get in a funk of what the heck I should do. I know I want to do something, but what!? This is a great way to get ideas, or discover new local gems, or even great for if you’re out of town!

What are some of your favorite, must-have apps?


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