Semi-productive Thursday? Oh who am I kidding!?

I really planned on having a productive day today… I woke up and was still tired, ya know that feeling of “fog”? Yeah that. I managed to make some amazing Panang curry in my crock pot though.


Mmmm. Not to too my own horn, but it was amaze-balls. I ate so much, it was all I could do to just lie on the couch after and grunt at Netflix.

I burnt the ever living crap out of my thumb last night while making hot chocolate and now I have a nice big welt… It’s finally stopped burning though, so I can focus on other things. For instance, that show “Are You The One” on MTV. Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge me!! I love it and I cannot get enough.


Now I am relaxing and playing some Star Wars: The Old Republic, and doing blog stuff. I have officially signed up for Bloglovin’ so check me out on there!

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Active Lifestyle vs Anxiety

I can’t be the only one with anxiety issues. It’s pretty crazy how common it is; people just don’t tend to talk about it.

I have been finding it difficult to always live the life I want and be as active as I want because of my anxiety. I live in a beautiful area of downtown, right on the riverbank, but I find it hard to make myself get outside and walk, even though I want to so badly! I usually plan to make a loop and stop at one of the cafes on the way and pick up a vanilla coconut milk cappuccino. My favorite time of year is the spring and fall when the air is nice and cool. The past few days have been PERFECT weather for a good walk.

I’m naturally a night owl, especially now that I’m not working I’ve reverted to my natural rhythm of being awake until 3 a.m. I don’t hit my “peak” in productivity until like 8 p.m. and it’s already dark out by that point. It really is annoying… I love the being awake in the early mornings, I love the crisp air and the morning sun, but I cannot wake up early, and if I do, I cannot be productive enough to get suited up for a walk.

Do any of you have similar issues, or suggestions to help get me outside more?

Current Diet / Fitness / Wellness Plan – Starting Out, Starting Over

I recently lost my job and am still searching for something. Instead of getting down on myself about the financial situation, I’m going to start taking the time to make some really big and positive changes for myself. I think I have come up with a good, attainable plan to get me started. Because of my MS, I have to go extra slow (ie starting with ten crunches a day and moving up from there) The biggest thing for me is to keep progressing. Keep moving to the next goal and the next. I ordered a new scale and measuring tape from Amazon that arrived today! It’s hard to really tell if there is progress when you can’t see any numbers. Hopefully, that will help keep me motivated.

Diet, Food, and Drink – I love to cook. One great thing about being unemployed is having more time to prep meals. I have this crockpot that I am sure is circa 1970s, but it works like magic! I made this Detox Lentil Soup and it was fantastic! I have five servings in the freezer to have at a later date too. wp-1484685675384.jpg
Tonight I am making veggie soup with green lentils, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, celery, etc. Yum! I hope I have enough containers for all the left overs haha. (Yes, I have a obsession with fortune cookies. Bulk Barn is the BEST for things like that.)


Another staple I’m become OBSESSED with is greek salad with orzo. It’s so easy to make and full of veggies. I am lactose intolerant so I do not add any cheese. and I’m not a fan of olives so I leave those out too.


Spin Bike – I love, love, love my Sunny Health & Fitness bike. I am starting out slowly and riding about 3 – 5 miles a couple times a week and eventually I’d like to ride four or five times a week.

Ab Challenge – I found this graphic on Pinterest and I really liked the idea. Most of the others I have seen are crazy amounts and really difficult for me to do or even start. This one starts nice and slow and progresses as a good pace. I am doubling up and doing each day twice, aka each day lasts for two days instead of one. If you’re looking for an easy start to begin building ab strength, join me!


Fitness Blender 3-Day Flexibility Challenge – If you have not heard about Fitness Blender, you need to go check them out RIGHT NOW. This husband and wife team are amazing and make these videos in their own garage. I’m currently doing the 3-Day Flexibility Challenge and I think I’m going to run through it a few times. MS causes the muscles to get tight so stretching and pilates moves are wonderful.


What are your current plans, routines, and goals?


Hello, my name is Kristin.

The hardest part about blogging, for me, is just actually starting to write. Instead of stressing about what to say (or not to say), I’m just going to start.

Hello! I’m Kristin. I’m a 20-something lady from the Great North, Canada. I will go into more depth on the About page.

For this first post, I want to talk about how I chose the name Fierce Fab Femme.

Fierce because I’ve had to step it up since my diagnosis with MS in 2013. It was a shock, not only for, but also my family. It has been a quite a journey mentally and emotionally, but things are great now and I’m better for it! When we hit our lowest point is when we really have the opportunity to shine and bounce back.

Fab because, to me, being fabulous is about having the chance to put yourself first and really learn to listen to yourself. The ability to be strong, independent and generally not give a hoot what people think about you! This is another area that I’ve grown in exponentially in the last year or so. Be fabulous ladies!

Femme because I am a huge believer and advocate of feminism. To put it bluntly: screw the patriarchy. It amazes me how hundreds of years ago the world was so different and women were so revered and held in such high regard, only for the patriarchy to come in and destroy it all in such a short period of time. I may post more about this with more depth in the future. GIRL POWER!

This is my place to talk about life, health, fitness, recipes, reviews, rants, raves, and beyond! Let’s be friends. ^_^